It's Been Oh So Quiet Here

Actually not really. Sure, there hasn't been even a peep from us One Louder folks for awhile now. But that's not because nothing is happening. 2007 has been great for music so far. Come on, I've nearly filled up a top 20 best albums already and it's just the start of Q2. But life goes on, work has its demands and there's just not enough time to keep this site fresh. But we're not calling it a day just yet.

So I can't promise daily updates, but there will be more from us. Soon. Again, there's just too much good music to talk about and some great shows coming up to review. The completed three months of this year have already offered the goods. I submit the following as an argument:

1. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver. Call me a hater, but I was confident that James Murphy couldn't top his early singles and self-titled album. I may be proud to a fault, but I'm willing to admit that I am wrong. Sound of Silver is beyond expectation. It's a classic, somehow amazing without being all that original or groundbreaking. That's not meant as a criticism. James knows how to distill the essence of some great influences into a most dynamic sound. It's one that bursts from the 'phones, drawing you into its rhythm and sly attitude.

2. Myth Takes. Another surprise. I'd really stopped paying attention to! after Louden Up Now just didn't work for me. I've been won back by the near track one through 10 perfection of Myth Takes, but especially the breathtaking combo of "Bend Over Beethoven" and "Break in Case of Anything". An album preview show in the skirts of Greenpoint only made me love this album more.

3. Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha. I've been a Bird watcher since seeing him open for Magnetic Fields a few years back. Weather Systems hooked me then, Mysterious Production of Eggs deepened my love and now his latest has sealed the deal. I've yet to venture into his back pages, so my ravings may be uninformed. But to date, Armchair is the most consistently satisfying release from Bird. Certainly "Plasticities", "Scythian Empire" and "Spare-Ohs" deserve a place in his pantheon.

4. Shows, shows and more shows. I've left out some other albums that deserve mention down the line. I'll hopefully get to them at some point soon. Yet what is really setting this year apart is the number of really outstanding concerts on the calendar. Arcade Fire, Bjork, Wu-Tang and Rage, !!!, Air. The list grows. Then there's the big one for me - Daft Punk. I'm not as cult-ish about them as others, but I've seen the Coachella performance. I've heard it. I want to experience it for myself. I hope all of these shows are as good as last Friday's LCD Soundsystem performance at the Bowery Ballroom. That show has set the standard for the year.

Again, no promises from me, but this site is not dead yet. Thanks for sticking around.