Thank you for holding...


Tuning back in, summer of 2018. Listening to a lot of everything including, but not limited to such entities as the new Coldplay record (not that there's anything wrong with that). In some alternate universe Viva La Vida is U2's follow up record to The Joshua Tree. Would it be heresy to swap it for Rattle and Hum? Probably not. Or maybe slot it in between Pop and All That You Can't Leave Behind? These are not criticisms of Coldplay, mind you. I come to praise, even if somewhat faintly.

I'm enjoying the fact that my favorite line from Vida was written by Brian Eno. Thanks man.

Maybe I'm just tired of waiting for a new U2 record - which apparently is only a few months away. It's finished! Mix it Brian and Danny! Prepare for the hype, prepare for the show! Rock is being reinvented as we speak. Or maybe just the guitar. Cue the Bono quote machine. I love it, laugh at it, it's the best time to be alive.

Another U2 note. I'm genuinely thrilled to hear a deluxe DVD edition of Live at Red Rocks is slated. Apparently the running time of 80 minutes (25 minutes longer than the original release) indicates it's the full show. Awesome. I'll take one on blu-ray. Thanks.

What else? Oh yeah, I miss Oink. The beer room at the Bowery Whole Foods is my Sgt Pepper's. Jane's Addiction on Rock Band 2 will make me happy.

We'll get to some site updates soon, hopefully.

Coffee is for closers.